Bengals raised at home with love and affection.
Here at Woodland Bengals my cats rule. They are part of the family and are raised with all the love and attention that
can be given. I have a very small in my home cattery, I like keeping things on a small level where I can have my cats in
the house, under my feet and not in cages. Each kitten raised by me gets my full attention, as well as the attention of my
15 year old and my 10 year old.

My philosophy on breeding Bengals is to capture the exotic beauty and grace of the small forest dwelling cat known as
the Asian Leopard Cat, and provide a work of art that purrs and becomes a member or your family as well as mine. Each
kitten gets talked to and held from the moment it is born. I lay and play with the kittens as they develop and grow. As
they become older they move from the nursing box to a room that gives them ample space to run, jump and play along
with learning the essentials of litter training and good eating habits. As they mature they come into the rest of the house,
under supervised play times. Several Bengal kittens can get into a lot of trouble with my plants if left unsupervised. Their
main purpose in life seems to be communication with humans and play time. I am not sure which one comes first.

I provide each of my kittens with a veterinarian check up after six weeks when they receive the first of a series of three
shots. I keep my kittens until they are at least 12 weeks of age, making sure that they are well weaned from mommy and
well socialized with all noises and members of my house hold as well as a few neighborhood children.

Visitors are welcome and I encourage them to come and see the kittens, and my adult cats to get acquainted with a
Bengal. Bengal cats do become part of your life, you find yourself buying everything in Leopard print after a while.
Thank you for visiting my site and home, and come join us on the wild side, own a Bengal or more appropriately have a
Bengal own you.

For more information on this and upcoming litters please contact Missy at (704)785-8470 or email me at
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