Woodland Divinci Zena Warrior Princess "Zena"
This is Woodland Divinci Zena Warrior Princess. She is The daughter of Domino and she carries on her
mother's beauty and grace. She has beautiful green eyes that give her an awesome expression, while her
contrast and rosettes are breathtaking.
Woodland Divinci Athena Goddess of War
This is Woodland Divinci Athena. She is out of Woodland’s Divinci Zena and Purrlawnrouge Tarzan. She has
great contrast with awesome type she is still very young and has great promise and potential. We are expecting
great things from her this year.
Drinkwater Mariah of Woodland
This is Drinkwater Mariah of Woodland. She is out of Sanssouci Crush of Drinkwater and QGC Drinkwater
Lancelot. She has wonderful structure, awesome type and is highly pelted and glittered.  She is only 5
months old and showing great promise and potential.
Woodland Divinci Jewel of my Heart "Jewel"
This is Woodland Divinci Jewel of my Heart. She is The great grand daughter of Domino she has an awesome
head great wiskerpads, great contrast, good boning and a sleek pelted coat. She is pictured here at 14 weeks old.
Dedicated to
RWSGC Bengaland Dvinci Domino of Woodlands
Domino is now retired and having fun at the beach in Wilmington NC
This is Domino, she is my first show cat and I am very proud of her. She has become a Supreme Grand
Champion in just a few months and has become the fourth generation of Supreme Grand Champions from the
Divinci line. Thank you Hugh and Peggy Price of Bengaland.
Domino has now retired and is living her life on the beach in Wilmington relaxing in the Sun. Domino has a
beautifully pelted and glittered coat, with nice rosetting. Her body type is long and lean with a wonderfully shaped
head, prominate whisker pads and small rounded ears. Everything you could ask for plus a loving and curious

Domino has just been awarded the South Eastern Regional Win for the 17th Short Hair Cat. This is such an
honor. We look forward to upcoming litters, the next is planned for winter babies. Stay Tooned. QGC Bengaland
Dvinci Domino of Woodland is on her way to a Supreme Grand Champion Title receiving her BEST CAT from Kitty
Ruttan at the Burlington Cat Fanciers Show.

Thank you Kitty.
SGC Bengaland Dvinci Domino of Woodland has made her way to a Supreme Grand Champion Title
receiving her 2nd BEST CAT from Judy Chappetta at the First in Flight Cat Show. Along with a 5th AB to
finish her Supreme at the Triple Crown Show.
Thank you Judy.
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